Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly & How to Fix It?

Here you can learn about, Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly and How to Protect your Phone from Overheating. So without wasting time let’s jump to the full post.
Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly & How to Fix It

A common problem with most smartphones is overheating. Now you may have questions, Why is my phone Overheating so Quickly, and How to Fix It? Today’s full post “Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly & How to Fix It” with the correct answer to your question. This post will discuss the causes of phone overheating and ways to prevent phone overheating.

We all suffer from mobile heating. But in general, getting a little hot is normal for every Android mobile. Because, nowadays we use many kinds of heavy apps, games or functions in smartphones.

Because of the pressure placed on its processor phone for an extended duration, it is common for mobiles to experience some degree of heat. However, in the case of some mobiles, it may not be normal or normal.

This is because some mobiles automatically overheat. Moreover, while watching movies or using any apps or games on the mobile, the mobile becomes so hot that the fear of mobile exploding disappears in mind. So, if you are experiencing such an overheating problem with your mobile, then it is important to be alert now.

And thinking about these things, you need to know Why is Smartphone Overheating so Quickly? So I will discuss in two parts in today’s article, “Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly & How to Fix It.” So let’s get to know these issues step by step easily.

8 Reason: Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly?

Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly
Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly?

There are 7 reasons for phone overheating. I will discuss it one by one below. The most important reasons will be covered here. Take a look at which of these are responsible for Quickly Overheating your phone.

1. Your Display Brightness is Too High

It has been observed that the brightness of your mobile display is much higher. As a result, the upper part of the mobile is heated. However, this is not a problem.

But, it does have the potential of putting stress on your eyes and the battery in your phone. Therefore, I recommend keeping the brightness of your mobile phone in auto mode at all times.

2. WiFi has been Connected for Too Long

Often, you may use the internet by turning on the WiFi of your mobile or by running the hotspot of the mobile, run the internet from mobile to computer. This is a normal process and I have used this technique on my mobile phone all day.

In this case, using the internet for a long time using mobile WiFi or mobile hotspot can also cause your mobile phone to get hot. However, mobile heating caused by this is very common and normal.

3. Weak Network

Another reason that phones become hot is because of the weak network. If your phone is connected to an insufficient network, it will lose signal and come. The reason WiFi is used will allow you to gain a lot of speed in the signal. Poor networks place too much pressure on phones which causes the phone to overheat.

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4. Playing Many HEAVY Games or Apps

When playing games or running heavy applications on mobile, this process comes after the mobile processor and Random Access Memory (RAM).

Also, if the processor or RAM of your phone isn’t strong or adequate and you’re running demanding games or apps that rely on the device. The chances of the upper part of your mobile getting extremely hot are much higher.

Due to this, your smartphone’s “hardware setup” isn’t enough to handle such demanding games or programs. This is why, because of the intense pressure placed over the RAM and processor, the top area of the phone can become hot.

5. Faulty Background Running Apps

We download and use many kinds of apps and games on our mobile. In the meantime, many types of applications can run on mobile phones at any time without our permission.

In general, trusted or trusted applications do no particular harm. However, 55% of mobile hotspots are caused by faulty mobile applications or apps running in your mobile background.

When running on in background mode, the applications can cause stress and damage to the mobile processor and particularly the battery. This means that the battery of the mobile phone drains fast and in many cases the phone gets hot.

Also, if you have unwelcome or unwanted applications on your mobile phone, remove them immediately.

6. Is Virus or Malware the Cause of Overheating Mobile?

Suppose there is malware in any Android mobile phone. In that scenario, this virus can be blamed for creating extreme heat on your phone. All malware and viruses are designed to damage your mobile phone.

It could be that, when downloading apps from such amazing locations, the harmful malware viruses have also made it to your phone.

In this case, you could scan for viruses by installing good antivirus software onto your phone.

7. Faulty Charger or Battery

It is true that a damaged battery in your smartphone or a defective charger or a damaged charger cable could make your smartphone overheat. If your mobile is very old and has been overcharged most of the time (more than 100%), then there is a chance of battery damage.

In this case, if you charge a regular mobile for 80-90% for a few days, the battery will get better. Moreover, suppose the cause of the mobile overheating is the battery or a bad charger. In that case, replacing them will eliminate the problem of overheating.

But, you’ll need to determine what’s wrong before you can fix it.

8. Hardware & Software Issues

Many times, due to some hardware or software involvement, the phone may overheat. In this instance, you will be able to solve the issue by going to any mobile retailer.

However, suppose that the issue of excessive heat is due to the software running on your phone. In this case, the solution could be determined by formatting or resetting the hard drive on your phone.

Why My Smartphone Overheats and How to Stop It | Video Credit: BRIGHT SIDE

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Who is Responsible for your Mobile Phone Overheating?

Before you are aware of what to do and what to do when your phone has become hot. You need to know ” Who is Responsible for your Mobile Phone Getting Overheating.”

Who is Responsible for your Mobile Phone Getting Overheating
Who is Responsible for your Mobile Phone Getting Overheating?

First of all, the cause of mobile heating is especially related to hardware. This could be due to the battery of the mobile, processor, charging unit, and much other hardware. But, there’s an opportunity of 30% that your mobile application is heating up in anticipation of the tiniest glitch. As such, some signs will tell you “why mobile is getting hot.”

When it comes to overheating on any smartphone, the first thing we suspect is its battery. If the warm feeling comes from the back of the device. This hot sensation is via the battery. Nowadays, lithium-ion batteries in smartphones are very powerful. So, many times after, this type of battery gets hot. Moreover, these lithium-ion batteries overheat if there are any problems.

Furthermore, if the sensation of warmth comes from the screen in front of the phone. The reason could be the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) or Central Processing Unit (CPU) of the phone. The CPU and GPU, when operating normally, must have a normal amount of heat.

However, when more pressure is applied to them, the warmth increases. So, if the warmness of the phone comes out of the lower. There is a possibility that there’s an issue with the charging unit in the phone.

How to Stop your Phone from Overheating? – 9 Tips

So, Why is my Phone Overheating so Quickly? You know all about this above. Now, let us know below “How to Stop your Phone from Overheating.”

To begin with let me inform you that if your device is too hot, bring it to the repair shop or service center immediately without delay.

However, before going to the service center, you can try the following shots.

How to Protect your Phone from Overheating
How to Protect your Phone from Overheating?

1. Check the Charging Cable

If the mobile gets hot while charging, your charger’s charging cable may be damaged. Often, the phone may overheat while charging due to some problems with the charger cable and the charger.

So, try using a good quality charging cable without delay. If this solves the problem, then it is better to try a completely new and better charger.

Also, remember to keep your mobile charges within 80 to 90% at all times. This means that when charging, make sure that the charge of your mobile does not exceed 90%.

Turn off the charger at 90%. In this way, the battery health of the mobile will be good.

2. Open the Case of the Mobile

Often, the cases of mobiles get stuck so tightly that the general feeling of warmth generated inside the mobiles cannot come out. As a result, mobiles tend to get hotter and hotter.

So, if there is a case attached to your mobile, then open it. With this, the mobile will continue to cool down quickly.

3. Do Not Put Too Much Pressure on the Mobile

If you are able to see the amount of RAM and GPU core/speed of your phone make sure you use compatible apps or games.

As a result, the mobile starts to heat up from the inside. So, don’t use heavy applications on mobile. Use apps as hardware capabilities.

4. Install Antivirus Software

Above I have already told you that even if there is a malware virus in the phone, the mobile can get hot. So, use a good mobile antivirus.

This way you will be able to identify and eliminate the virus from the phone, and the issue of mobile heating can be resolved.

5. Turn Off Other Connectivity

Suppose your mobile is only getting hot when using a mobile hotspot, WiFi, or BlueTooth. In that case, it is better to use them as little as possible. Additionally, ensure that your mobile is on a flight or in airline mode for a certain period of time each day.

6. Delete Unnecessary Apps

The more apps you install on the phone the more battery is used up. It will also affect the use of push notifications, background running, Ram, and storage.

Also, you should keep the smallest number of apps available on mobile as you can and remove useless apps from your mobile. This will make the mobile much lighter and put less pressure on the hardware as the battery usage will be less.

7. Reduce the Brightness of the Mobile

As a result of keeping the mobile with more brightness, the front screen of the mobile often gets hot. So, always keep the mobile brightness with the auto option or keep it less than 30%.

8. Turn Off Unused Apps

We have a very bad habit. We don’t completely shut down any mobile apps after using them. As a result, apps continue to run in the background.

As a result, the problem of overheating of the mobile phone may increase. So, after using any app, you must close it completely.

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9. Do Not Keep in the Sun for a Long Time

The most natural reason for the phone to get hot is to use the phone on sunny days. In many cases, it is necessary to use the phone in the hot sun, or even if you do not use it when you go out, the phone is in the sun. And since most mobile phones today are made of steel-body or heat-insulating plastic, they easily absorb heat from the sun and get hot.

In that case, there is nothing to worry about –

  • Turn off the phone and leave it in a shady place until cool.
  • And try next not to place the phone in direct sunlight.

10. Replace When the Battery Explodes

This is one of the most common causes of overheating. Many people may have noticed that the battery swells or swells. The phone’s back cover also breaks a lot of the time due to overheating and battery overheating. This can lead to explosions or fires.

So if you see that the battery of the phone is swollen and the phone is getting hot, then don’t delay:

  • Replace the battery, but these damaged batteries are harmful to the environment and anyone. So throw it in the right place without throwing it anywhere.
  • Turn off the phone until the battery changes.
  • Quickly contact customer care, and resolve the issue with their help.

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Last Words

You already know about: Why is my phone Overheating so Quickly & How do you protect your phone from overheating? Understand, the phone is mainly heated due to the processor and battery. If the phone is hot due to the processor, it is very normal. There is nothing to worry about. But if the phone is hot for any reason related to the battery, there is no chance to take it lightly.

In newspapers, we often hear of phone or laptop explosions. It is possible to avoid such risks, at least in the case of phones, with a little precaution. If you are the first to find out the cause and effect of smartphone warming from this article, let your friend know about it; If you have any other questions, please leave a comment.

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