How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed – 9 Effective Ways

How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed - 9 Effective Ways

Who likes weak internet? So to get rid of this problem, I will discuss How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed ​​- 7 Effective Ways. By reading the entire post, you will get rid of this Mobile Internet Speed ​​related problem.

Nowadays, many people are using good expensive mobiles, but very few people can get good speed while using the internet. However, there are many reasons why our mobile 4G internet may not run at a reasonable rate. Which you can learn about below.

Sometimes it is also seen that two similar mobiles are limited to the same company yet there is a difference between the internet speeds. There are many reasons behind this difference in speed.

Nowadays, internet connection is available on many mobile phones. However, high-speed mobile internet connection is still a big problem for people. For this reason, today, I will discuss here how to increase mobile internet speed.

Today, people face the same problem: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed. We can quickly download our favorite videos and movies to our mobile.

Read this post carefully if you want to speed up your mobile internet and download any image, video, or movie fast. Today we will tell you How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed. Let’s find out first.

9 Effective Ways – How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed?

Below are some tips on how to increase your mobile internet speed and what you can do to increase your mobile internet speed. Using these ways, you can increase the internet speed of your mobile.

How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed
How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed

No 01: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed by Clear the Cache File

The address of the web page you searched for in your mobile browser is saved in the cache memory. This data can cause slow internet speeds to your mobile device if it becomes more significant. Gradually, your mobile internet speed begins to decrease.

Clearing the cache memory on your mobile device is a good idea. This is one way to improve your mobile’s internet speed.

No 02: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed by Delete useful Apps

Many people download apps on their mobile phones that they use very little or very little. If you have a similar app on your mobile that you are not currently using or do not use, then delete or uninstall it.

Then you delete or uninstall all those apps immediately. Due to which the memory space of your mobile will also increase. If the cookies of your mobile that are not working clear the memory, the internet speed will increase.

No 03: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed by Close Background Apps

Some apps are running in the background on your mobile. This app makes use of the Internet and slows down the Internet. You may not be aware that other apps are running in the background.

You can disable such apps by going to your phone settings. You will enjoy a faster internet connection, and data costs will be lower.

No 04: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed by Use Data Management Apps

We can manage Internet data for our mobile applications in the same way we manage our daily tasks as needed. There are currently many applications that can be used to collect data. Ways to increase internet speed

Allows you to identify which mobile applications are using your internet data. If an application uses more data, you can restrict its usage, that is, stop using its data. And you can stop using their internet data.

No 05: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed by the Update internet browser

You use any internet browser to run the Internet on your mobile. If you get his latest update, don’t ignore him. You should update soon.

Because by updating, you will also get new security features that will load web pages faster, and you will see an improvement in mobile internet speed.

No 06: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed by Free RAM and internal memory

You should try to keep your mobile’s RAM and internal memory as empty as possible. When the RAM and internal memory of the mobile are used more, the mobile works at the same slow speed.

Now, if your mobile is running slowly, the Internet will also run slowly on your mobile. Keep your internal and mobile RAM empty. This will ensure that your Internet and mobile can work well.

No 07: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed by Using Ad-Blocker

One of the ways to increase internet speed on your mobile is to use an ad-blocker. You’ve often seen that when you search the Internet, you see ads in the form of images or videos.

These types of ads also use your mobile’s internet data, which affects the speed of the Internet due to the load. Ways to increase internet speed

Use an ad-blocker on your mobile. You will not see such ads on your mobile while running the Internet, and you will get a clean and fast internet running experience.

No 08: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed by Use Quick Browser on your mobile

Some web pages are too high in size to mean more MB. And so they take longer to load. In that case, you can use browsers that shorten the web page to load, which not only saves your internet data. But also speeds up the web page because it loads faster.

There are currently such browsers available that help you speed up your Internet by compressing web pages.

No 09: How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed by Select the network well

Our mobile signal ranges from 4G to 3G and 3G to 2G if we are traveling outside of the city. The speed of the Internet can also be affected by changing the network signal.

You choose the signal that gives you the strongest signal. This will ensure that your phone will not search for other signs and that your Internet will work the same way.

Above I have tried to explain to you how to solve the problem of slow internet connection and how to increase mobile internet speed. You can run fast Internet without any problem on your mobile.

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Best 8 Apps to Increase Internet Speed on Android Mobile

Best 8 Apps to Increase Internet Speed on Android Mobile
Best 8 Apps to Increase Internet Speed on Android Mobile

Nowadays, almost everyone has an Android phone in their hands. There must be a set for other work, whether it is a hobby or not. In this age, Android phones can do so much valuable work instantly that it is unimaginable. With Android phones, it is now possible to accomplish many impossible tasks.

Huge things are going to be done through the internet using Android phones. But if you don’t have internet speed, sleep will be much better than running your mobile. That is, it is better not to work where there is no speed. Although 4g has been introduced in different countries now, there is no need to worry about speed. But despite having 4g, we don’t get a reasonable rate.

It’s not 4G’s fault. It’s our network’s fault. So, thinking about you, I have developed 8 apps to increase internet speed on Android mobile, which I am sharing here just for you.

No 01: 3G 4G Speed Booster Prank

3G 4G Speed ​​Booster Prank is a small-sized app that pulls your speed from a 3G or 4G network. We have some unknown apps on our mobile that we can’t see, but they speed up when we turn on the data connection, so we don’t get any speed.

Using these apps shuts down those unknown running apps, giving us more automatic speed. These apps will only work on 3G 4G networks.

No 02: Signal booster 3G 4G

Signal booster 3G 4G is an app that loads videos and various contents of any website swift. It brings 30% -40% more speed to your phone. However, you can get this speed more or less depending on the device’s location and capacity. This excellent app will run on both rooted and unrooted phones.

No 03: Internet Speed Master

Internet Speed ​​Master is such a beautiful app installed on more than one million mobiles around the world. These apps increase the internet speed by modifying the configuration of your phone. Using this app is a bit of a hassle because their instructions say you should back up your phone when installing this app.

But in my opinion, it doesn’t matter because if your phone is in an exemplary configuration, then this app will not do any harm to your phone. Because it has been exaggerated a little. However, this app is helpful enough to increase your internet speed. It can be used on any version of the phone.

No 04: Free Internet Speed Booster

Free Internet Speed Booster app works very well where the speed is low despite having 3G. This app increases speed by 40% -60%. This shuts down apps running in unnecessary backgrounds, so the rate is a bit higher. This app will again run on all versions and unrooted phones.

No 05: Internet Booster (Root)

As mentioned earlier, this app will not work without a rooted phone. Those who have rooted the phone will get the impossible speed. This is because using this app increases the internet speed by 40% -60% by changing your phone’s custom ROM configuration. This means that these apps are for those who want internet speed storm speed.

No 06: Internet Booster & Optimizer

Internet Booster & Optimizer Using this app will increase your speed automatically because it clears and strengthens your phone’s case memory, RAM. This makes the phone thinner by shutting down your phone’s unnecessary running apps. Which can be found at the speed of the Internet.

No 07: Faster Internet 2X

The Faster Internet 2X app paves the way for Internet speeds on 3G and 4G networks. I promised you will get the rate you want using these apps. There is no fear of rooting the phone, meaning both root and unroot will run Faster Internet 2X.

No 08: Internet Speed Booster

Internet Speed Booster app works the same as the previous app. Still, the app developers have created apps with different designs. Their intelligence is to be appreciated. In their efforts, we are getting so many beautiful apps. New trends in technology have come down to their touch. I wish them progress.

7 Reasons: Why Internet Speed is Slow on Mobile when you use Wifi?

Everyone in the net world wants high-speed internet. If the internet is slow at work or at leisure, the key is to book. In frustration, many lose control of their mood. Slow internet is a daily problem.

Take a look at the information provided by Reader’s Digest to see what could be causing your internet connection to be slow.

7 Reasons Why Internet Speed is Slow on Mobile when you use Wifi
7 Reasons Why Internet Speed is Slow on Mobile when you use Wifi

No 01: More people are using the Internet

If you’re not using your Internet alone, you’re sharing your bandwidth. The pipeline of the phone used on your Internet and the Internet is at a limited stage. If many phones exchange data on the same network, they take time to arrive or choose different directions instead of one.

This will slow down the Internet for everyone. The same is true of WiFi. If many devices are connected to the same network, it interferes with bandwidth transfer via WiFi. If you want to turn it off, you can specify the number of phones or devices connected to your router.

No 02: Stay away from mobile routers

One of the simple reasons your Internet may be slow is that you are not maintaining proper distance with your router. If you are far away from the router and there are many walls in between, you will get an evil network that will slow down your Internet. Brick, cement, these will block the signal of your Internet. Stay close to it or keep it in a place where the network is easily accessible.

No 03: You are using low-speed Internet.

It is often seen that you are using slow Internet, but you are paying more. Call your internet provider or see on their website what package you are using.

No 04: Using Share IP usage

Another reason for being slow is to share IP. Many of the people around you are using the Internet from your internet provider. It also uses the same IP that you are using. This is called shared IP.

It also slows down the Internet, as many people are using the same IP simultaneously, which is hampering bandwidth. Maybe you are watching a movie online, and suddenly your internet speed goes down. You don’t like it at all.

No 05: DNS server problem

When you search, your Internet uses a DNS and refines it for you to view. Occasionally, your IP may be interrupted during this refinement, and your Internet may become slow.

No 06: The barrier to bandwidth exchange for background processes

Sometimes you use a lot of applications but forget to delete them from the Recent tab. When they are in the background, they consume different bandwidths, which interferes with internet speed. So always try to keep your recent tabs clean.

No 07: The background program is having problems

Games and videos in programs can slow down the Internet and cause network problems. These programs can be forgotten by many people, and they are often not run again. The Internet slows down as a result.

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So lastly I will say that the methods mentioned in the whole post, you will definitely get good internet speed if you use your phone entirely.

If you have any questions about “How to Increase Mobile Internet Speed,” you can let me know in the comments. If you find it necessary, share it with your friends now!

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