How to Protect Smartphone from Hacking – 12 Expert Advice

How to Protect Smartphone from Hacking - 12 Expert Advice

How to Protect Smartphone from Hacking? It is easier to stay safe if you know the ways to protect your smartphone from hacking. There are some tips and tricks that it can use to fool a hacker effortlessly. Cheating a hacker means keeping yourself safe and worry-free.

You may be wondering if it can fool hackers again! Hackers hack because they are clever! But I would say you can be more intelligent than hackers if you want to know and learn.

The online world is open to everyone; you too can enter this world and learn the tricks of foiling hackers. First, find out the 7 ways that hackers use to hack our phones. Then, protect yourself from these, that is, prevent hackers from applying these tricks on you.

Hopefully, by reading the full post How to Protect Smartphone from Hacking. But before you go into detail about this, you need to know a few things in advance. So let’s find out first.

Who is the Hacker?

Who is the Hacker
Who is the Hacker?

A hacker is a person or a group of people who attack someone’s phone, computer, or any other device to find vulnerabilities. Harass the device owner by taking illegal access. Hackers are usually very good at computer programming. Especially in the security systems of different devices, they have immense knowledge.

How Many Types of Hackers, and What are they?

There are many types of hackers. Here are 6 types of the most common hackers:

How Many Types of Hackers, and What are they
How Many Types of Hackers, and What are they?
Ethical Hackers

These types of hackers gain access to a device through the Internet to find and fix the vulnerabilities of that device. Many times such hackers also have access to testing purposes.

It doesn’t take access. We have access. Because what they do is ethical hacking which is not harmful to anyone. Governments of almost all countries and big companies hire ethical hackers at very high salaries to close their security holes. You, too, can become a hacker by studying institutionally or online and get many honors.


This is the person who accesses your mobile and accesses many things for his benefit. The primary purpose is to take information from your bank account and other financial accounts and transfer money from those accounts to his account.

Gray-hat Hackers

These types of hackers are in the middle of white and black hackers. Many times some companies hire such hackers to find out the weakness of their system. For example, a hacker enters your system and checks if there are any security holes in it. He then informed the owner of your system.


These types of people use their hacking skills for political, religious, and social purposes. However, they do not usually hack anyone’s device. Instead, they hack government or political websites or servers. And most of the time. They write a message to a government or a political party with access to a platform.

Kid Hacker

You know I’m talking about kid hackers. They are not a skilled hacker. They hack something to learn to hack and check it. That is, they want to see how much has been known or if I can hack. They hack the devices of others out of a kind of excitement to check their talents.


These types of hackers never hack computers or any particular website. Their main target is to hack telephone devices like smartphones.

Learn about the types of hackers. Now learn how to fool these hackers and protect your smartphone from them.

7 Ways that Hackers Hack your Smartphone

It can hack your phone at any moment without your knowledge. If you know how hackers hack phones, you must be careful. And you can protect your phone from being hacked and stay safe.

Many people are curious to know how hackers hack smartphones. And how to collect personal and other data from the phone after hacking. With the advancement of technology in the real sense. There has also been an improvement in the policy of hacking hackers. So everyone needs to know the reasons why digital devices can be hacked.

Now hackers also have devices in their hands to hack the machines in your hands and mine easily. Hackers use some technology to listen to our phone calls and read SMS. It can even take access to all the information on our phones. More surprisingly, they can also transfer money from the bank with our bank information.

The smartphones we use are a kind of miniature computer. You can now do everything from typing in Microsoft Word to sending emails on a mobile phone like a computer. Everything from using Facebook to online transactions is now done with mobile. So, when hackers can hack our mobile, they can take all the information, including banking. However, there are many signs that the phone has been hacked. And only if you understand it can you take the necessary measures.

If you think your phone is in your private zone, you are mistaken. So far, no device has been created that is impossible to hack. So, know that there are 7 ways hackers hack phones.

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7 Ways Hackers Hack Smartphones

Hackers use a variety of methods to hack the phone. Here are some common ways you can be careful and protect your phone from being hacked.

No 01: Bluetooth Attack

Bluetooth is an excellent technology for computers and mobile phones. It helps us connect the headset. Supports sync mobiles with other devices, including computers and even private cars. And Bluetooth is the most significant security hole that hackers can easily hack into by entering the cavity.

There are 3 basic types of Bluetooth attacks:

  1. Bluejacking
  2. Blue sniffing
  3. Blue bugging
Blue Jacking

Blue Jacking is one of the most harmful attacks. With the help of which hackers send unsolicited messages from within the specified area. In most cases, with this hole in Bluetooth, attackers hack the phone by sending electronic business cards as a message carrier.

Blue Sniffing

Blue sniffing is a more deadly hacking process than bluejacking. Because, through this, hackers get more sensitive information. Hackers usually send particular types of software through this type of attack. And this software can send all the information to the attacker as soon as he gets into the phone. The biggest problem is that even if such software enters the mobile, the owner of the mobile never sees it.

Blue Bugging

When a phone is in Discovery mode, a hacker uses almost the same entry point as Blue Sniffing. Which is called blue bugging. Although most phones have this hole locked by default, some phones allow hackers to enter the phone through this hole. And in this case, most of the time, hackers send electronic business cards.

No 02: Computer Method

Hackers also hack phones using computer methods. These methods include-

  1. Phishing
  2. Malware apps

Hackers hack phones using phishing methods while browsing the Internet on mobile. And it is straightforward for them to hack our mobile in this way. Because those of us who use the Internet on mobile usually do not see the link in the browser. I never even try to watch. As a result, there is a lot of information about our phone in the browser. From which hackers can take the lead in a phishing manner.

Malware Apps

While browsing the net, hackers send some malware apps to our phones, which you can easily download without our knowledge. And once downloaded, these malware apps can quickly get into our database and pass them on to hackers.

No 03

The easiest way to hack is to secretly grab your phone for a few minutes and steal information by installing spy applications like Spy Phone App, Spyzie, or Spyera.

No 04

Public or free WiFi is an unsecured WiFi network. By using these networks, you share all your traffic with others. It makes it easy to hack your phone. However, there are ways to protect yourself while using this public WiFi, you can see.

No 05

Charging your phone via an unknown USB (even on a plane or car) carries a significant risk of revealing and transferring your personal information.

No 06

SMS phishing. Suppose you receive a message on your mobile, as it tells you it is a link, for example, to your picture or money transfer. Then you click on the link out of curiosity. If the connection is false, then hackers will see all the messages on your mobile.

No 07

With the help of the signaling system SS7, hackers can read and listen to your text messages and phone calls through telephone stations. But if you are not a celebrity, you have no reason to worry.

7 Signs that Your Smartphone has been Hacked

A lot of times, we don’t even know and understand that our smartphones have been hacked. When we realize again, we no longer have time. Because hackers have done what they did before, it is better to know the symptoms of phone hacking in advance.

Today’s smartphones are like powerful computers that help us do all the work much more efficiently than the previous smartphones. Even a few years ago, they used mobile phones. To them, the position of today’s smartphone seemed a lot like science fiction.

However, earlier people were safer than us using mobile phones. They were not at risk of being hacked like now. Our smartphones are always at risk of being hacked due to email, logging in to various apps, or opening accounts on multiple websites.

Since our smartphones are almost always connected to the net. Therefore, our phones will be at risk of being hacked remotely. Again sometimes, the phone can be hacked manually by our friends. But how do we know that our phone has been hacked? Of course, there are ways to know, and today’s post is about those ways.

How to Understand Your Smartphone has been Hacked
How to Understand Your Smartphone has been Hacked

How to Understand Your Smartphone has been Hacked?

Hackers hack our phones using 7 methods. If the phone is hacked, we do not understand it quickly. Because, while the symptoms that appear after being hacked may seem a bit unusual to us, we don’t bother too much about them. As a result, long after I fell off the phone, I realized that it had been hacked. But before that, a lot of our essential information goes to hackers. So, from now on, be careful. Whenever any of the following symptoms appear on your phone, take the necessary action.

Signs No 01

If your phone suddenly starts running alone or starts working too fast, it shows signs of being hacked. This can happen if an unknown application is running inside your phone. So, suppose you see that your phone is working automatically without any operation. In that case, you know that your phone has been hacked.

Signs No 02

When using the phone, the phone naturally gets hot from time to time. This happens as a result of working on mobile for extra time. But if it so happens that you are not doing any work on your phone. Even though the phone is getting hot, then indeed your phone has been hacked. This usually happens when an unknown app is running on the backend of the phone. So, you can assume that an app has been downloaded while you were browsing the net unknowingly. And that is the work of a hacker.

Signs No 03

If your phone suddenly shuts down or turns on alone, dial. Any application starts running suddenly, then your phone is more likely to be hacked if you have no problem with your phone.

Signs No 04

If you have an unknown phone number in “Recent Calls,.” That is, if you see that there is a number in your call list that you have never seen before, you can still assume that your phone has been hacked. Such numbers are mainly on the incoming call list.

Signs No 05

Even if the device is not turned off as you wish, you may think it has been hacked. There are some applications sent by hackers that, after entering the phone, you can no longer turn off the phone even if you want to. No matter how hard you try, the phone doesn’t shut down anymore. Even in such a situation, the thought of hacking the phone is normal for you.

Signs No 06

If an app or more than one app opens automatically when you turn off your phone, you may realize it may have hacked your phone. Many times when the phone is turned on, an app can be turned on automatically. In that case, the phone has the possibility of being hacked.

Signs No 07

Even if your phone’s brightness automatically increases or decreases, you can understand that the phone has been hacked. When a phishing app is forced into a phone or downloaded at your click, those apps work to increase or decrease the phone’s brightness.

Signs No 08

Strange sounds or echoes were heard while talking on the phone, which you had never heard before.

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How to Protect Smartphone from Hacking – 12 Expert Advice?

How to Protect Smartphone from Hacking
How to Protect Smartphone from Hacking?

Some hackers in the world are lurking online to take control of our digital devices. However, we also have some practical tips and tricks that we can use to Protect Smartphones from Hacking, including our phones, from these hackers. Let’s know How to Protect smartphone from Hacking.

No 01: Keep the operating system up-to-date.

Whether it’s Android or Apple, whichever operating system you use, it needs to be kept up-to-date at all times. Whenever Android or Apple tells you that your operating system is ready to update, give an update. That is download and install the current update without delay.

Remember, the operating system is updated only when an issue related to security is detected. In particular, when the manufacturer finds that one or more security holes have been created, the hole is patched with the release. So, keep your system updated all the time.

No 02: Make sure you are installing.

While browsing various web pages, it often happens that a pop-up window suddenly opens, and text like Install for free starts flashing. Many of us click on such writings without thinking. As a result, it appears that something is installed that sends information from our phones to hackers. And get a chance to hack.

So, nothing can be installed without knowing and understanding. If you need to install any apps or games, always install them from Play Store or App Store. Even if it is necessary, you should not download anything from any other source, especially from an unknown source.

No 03: Permit apps or games knowingly.

When we download and install an app or game, it asks permission to use certain things on our phones. E.g., contacts, camera, microphone, etc. Although these files or features have a legitimate use, some apps or games may sometimes use them illegally.

So it is essential to take some precautions when giving Persian. In particular, not all permissions can be granted. For example, if you want a password or mail access permission, you should not give it at all. Basically, after installing an app or game, you have to look at the licenses required during the setup and then grant the permissions.

No 04: Review apps and games on the phone

Review apps and games already downloaded and installed on your phone. See if you have taken any from an unknown source. That is, whether it is installed from outside the Android Play Store and iPhone’s App Store. If you do, and if you don’t need any of them, uninstall them and protect your smartphone from hacking.

And review the access to those you have downloaded from the App Store or Play Store. That is, check what files or features they are using on your phone. To check, go to Settings> Privacy, then you will see which apps have been accessed or which ones you have given permission. If you have an unusual access permit, change it.

No 05: Use screen lock

Using a screen lock can save you a lot of trouble. He puts the phone in his pocket. The call can go to someone after reading an unwanted tap. It can open a web page. Most people use screen locks to protect themselves from these.

But have you ever wondered if your phone was lost in the car? It was stolen at home or in the office, or it was stolen one day! Your phone does not have a screen lock! So, someone else got all the access to your phone. Got all your private information, your bank account, your master card, etc.

So, don’t be fooled by this. Of course, use a screen lock. If necessary, use any of the top 10 Android lock screen apps. And also, make sure that you use many strong passwords that will not be easy for anyone to guess. In this case, it is better to use a pattern lock. Or you can use complex passwords with numbers and symbols.

No 06: Enter the password in your WiFi setup

Most of the time, we leave the default password during WiFi setup. This is a big security hole through which hackers can enter our network. So, use a custom password. Enter a password yourself by deleting the default password and try to keep it strong.

No 07: Do not hide WiFi

In the case of home routers, there is an option called SSID, the whole of which is a service set identifier. This is the name of our router’s wireless network. When the router is set up, this option wants to know whether to hide the SSID. In this case, if we select “Yes,” that is, hide, it becomes a small opportunity for hackers. So, in this case, do not select “No.”

No 08: Be careful when using free WiFi.

Various organizations offer free WiFi access for customers or the general public. And almost all of us are connected to those free WiFi in unique places.

But you will be surprised to know that most of the devices are hacked due to using free WiFi. Because a hacker can quickly enter the free WiFi network and see who else is in that network, who is doing what, etc. As a result, it becomes easier for him to hack the phone. So, for a free net, it is better not to use WiFi wherever it is. This is a great way to protect your smartphone from hacking.

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No 09: Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth

Another easy way for hackers to keep us open all the time is to keep WiFi on. Again, Bluetooth too. Hackers take advantage of these two features of smartphones. The problem with turning on WiFi is that hackers can easily find out which networks you’ve been connected to before.

When hackers know about the old network you use, they create new and fake networks. And without you realizing it, the disguise of an ancient network tempts you to connect to that network. And if you fall into that temptation, hackers will know your browsing history, usernames and passwords used on various sites, and much more.

Then let’s talk about the problem of keeping Bluetooth open. When someone’s Bluetooth is available, hackers send various files with different phishing scripts. Many people often do not see who sent what and what they sent but receive it. As a result, the hacker’s job is more straightforward. So, to protect smartphones from hacking, not just WiFi, Bluetooth should be turned off, especially when we are out.

No 10: Turn on two-factor authentication.

No matter what you do on your smartphone, you should turn on your two-factor authentication everywhere. It is a two-tier security belt that is extremely difficult for hackers to break into.

No 11: Refrain from opening spam and phishing mail

We often have some spam and phishing links in our mail or inbox of social sites. You should never click on these. Hackers often ask you to click on these links by showing various temptations. Especially financial temptations. And if someone clicks, it means giving a lot of secret information to hackers.

No 12: Be careful at all times.

Be careful not to leave your phone in the hands of others. Be cautious about downloading apps or games from there. Beware of using public WiFi. All in all, follow all the ways to protect your smartphone from hacking. Of course, you stay safe. You can keep your phone safe.

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Last Word

Hope you can give a complete idea about How to Protect Smartphone from Hacking. If you use all the methods described above and use your smartphone in compliance, you can easily protect your phone from hacking.

If you liked this post, How to Protect Smartphone from Hacking, then share it now. This will make it easier for your friends to protect their smartphones from hacking. Last but not least, thank you very much for reading this post.

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