Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector on iPhone

Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector on iPhone

You are here, so I guess you have seen a warning liquid detected in lightning connector on your iPhone. You may have thought you needed to run to the tech experts or customer care to fix it. However, you still want to Google them once before rushing to them. Don’t worry more; you are at the right place. Here you will be able to learn how to fix this warning “liquid detected in lightning connector”.

What Does Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector Warning Mean and Why Does It PopUp?

You will notice that this warning popped up when you tried to connect your phone to your charger. So this warning actually indicates that something is wrong with your charger port. Usually, if your charger port is wet, then this warning will be shown.

Or it can also be the case that your charger port or that so-called lightning connector is wet itself.

If you go swimming or surfing and take your iPhone with you to capture those precious moments, then maybe your waterproof iPhone will show this warning sign if you try to charge it right after returning from the water. 

Now that you have understood the problem, let’s get started with the solution of liquid detected in lightning connector.

Methods for Fix Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector on iPhone

You may not have noticed that if water gets into your charger port, the iPhone will temporarily shut off all the ports to prevent any electric shock or battery damage.

So, before the water has been removed completely from your iPhone’s charging port, you cannot use any kind of connection that requires a wire and use the lightning connector. It means you are restricted from using any USB cable to transfer data or other things. However, all kinds of wireless connections can be maintained properly.

Now, as you can understand that you need to dry the charging ports before using them or before charging your phone, let us discuss how we can achieve it.

At first, you should not connect your charger to your iPhone after returning from a swim or after using your phone underwater. However, if you have still managed to connect a charger and saw the warning, immediately disconnect it and do not plug in your charger until your phone’s all of the charging ports are dried up. Do not reconnect it till the warning is shown, as it may permanently damage your phone.

Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector
Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector

No 01: Using Gravity to Dry Your iPhone

This method is very effective and you don’t need to use anything extra. Moreover, it won’t cost you even a penny.

You just need to hold your phone so that the charging port will be facing the ground. Now quickly give it some light taps on it. Hopefully, this will help to get the water out of your phone.

After making sure that all the extra water has been cleared out, keep your phone in that position for a few more minutes. And this will make your connecting ports dry, so you can connect your charger again.

No 02: Using Air to Dry Your iPhone

If the trapped water is not a large amount, you can just let the air dry your phone. You can either put your phone in a windy place or use a table fan to dry your phone. This process will take a few minutes and after that try to connect your charger. Hopefully, you won’t see that warning again.

No 03: Just Let the Phone Stay the Way It was

Yes, you are reading it right! Even if you don’t do anything, your phone will dry up by itself.

But it will take a lot of time and, of course, you should try to use any of the methods if there is a lot of water in your phone. And even if you don’t do anything, just let the affected charging port stay facing the ground. It will help the water come out.

After doing all of these, after connecting your charger to your phone if the warning message pops up again you just simply need to do these steps again and wait for a bit longer before connecting your charger to your phone. This will do the work and you can use your lightning connector again to charge your phone.

Can I Charge My Wet Phone Any Other Way?

If you are in a hurry to use your phone and it is out of battery while your connecting port is also wet, there is another way for you to charge your phone without your wired charger. You can use a wireless charger as it does not need to use the charging port.

Just simply put your phone on the charging pad. It will make your hungry battery full without using the lightning connector. Also, as your phone’s charging port will be facing the ground in this position, gravity will make sure that your phone dries fast.

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What Should I Not Use to Dry My iPhone?

While there are not plenty of methods to make your wet iPhone dry, there are a whole bunch of methods to avoid whole drying your iPhone. Let’s continue to know what you should never do to make your iPhone dry.

No 01: Compressed Air Can

Never use a compressed air can to dry your iPhone. You may have seen that “compressed air can” can dry many things or be used for such purposes. But you need to know that liquid expectorants are used in this CAN. 

So, while you are using it to dry your phone, this thing can actually add more liquid to your phone. That is, instead of solving the problem, it will only add more trouble for you. So, never use this to dry your wet phone.

No 02: An External Heat Source

Sometimes, an external heat source like a hair dryer is used to dry many things. It can come to your mind that, as a hair dryer can easily dry your hair, it can also be helpful to dry the phone.

But you need to consider the heat that comes from these dryers. While the dryer is good for drying up, it will also exude some heat, which can change the shape of your phone’s charging port and damage your phone permanently. Not only that, it may lead to far more complicated problems and can make your phone unusable.

No 03: Using a Paper Towel or a Cotton Swab

You may have thought that cotton or a paper towel can absorb water pretty well, so it may come in handy while drying your phone.

But you should know that a cotton swab has a lot of fiber and your charging port is a really tiny section. If you try to use a cotton swab to clean out the water, the fiber on it will get stuck to the port and it will make your port unable to connect properly with your charger. In the worst case, it will permanently damage your phone and so your phone will be unable to receive charging through a lightning connector.

Hence you should avoid not only this two but also anything like this to clean the water on your phone.

No 04: Using Rice

You may have heard that rice can absorb extra moisture and make things dry. But never ever consider putting your wet phone on a bowl or bag of rice. 

In rice, a lot of dust, small particles even some insects can be found. And if those things enter into your phone your phone will be as good as dead. So, avoid this idea and let the air do the work.

Other than the things you can do and cannot do, let me tell you another mode that is helpful when you don’t have a wireless charger and your phone is wet.

No 05: Using Emergency Override Mode

This is really not recommended. However, if you are in a dire emergency and do not have a wireless charger, you can still use your wired charger for charging your phone.

When your phone is wet, after plugging in your charger to your phone you will see a warning pop out saying “liquid detected in lightning connector”. You need to ignore this warning and just go for the “emergency override” option. This will allow your phone to charge, but you should remember that it is really harmful to your phone.

Your phone may be permanently destroyed for using this model.

Why am I getting a “Liquid Detected in Lightning Connector” warning when my phone is completely dry?

Though this warning usually shows up if your phone is wet, after all, no electronic devices or things are out of error.

Maybe your charging cable is missing some pins, so it is taking this missing part as your phone is wet. Do not worry about that. Just grab another new charger and your problem will be solved.

Another reason for this misinterpretation can be that your phone’s charging port is missing something, or may be stuck to your phone. In that case, try to use a light source to find out what is wrong with your phone.

If you find any little particles inside, just try to remove them with a tiny paperclip or something like this. You should make sure that in the process of removing the particles you will not harm your phone’s cables or pins.

You can also use a little vacuum cleaner to clean out the particles.

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Last Words

Although the warning “liquid detected in lightning connector” does not indicate a big problem, you must know how to clean the water and what you should never do to clean it. You should also avoid the things such as air compressor cans, hair dryers, etc. with your other electronic devices if not mentioned otherwise.

However, hopefully, after reading this, you were able to clean your device properly. And if you have any more confusion, please let us know by commenting down on the box below.

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