Intel Plans to Bring a 3nm Chip

Intel Plans to Bring a 3nm Chip
Intel Plans to Bring a 3nm Chip

Intel had announced earlier this year that they were working to regain their top position in the chip manufacturing sector. At the same time, it will take the place of unrivalled leadership in the computer world. As part of this, the company has announced the production of 3nm nanometre state-of-the-art technology chip. News Engadget.

Intel’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Patrick P. Gelsinger and Senior Vice President of Technology Development Dr. Ann Kelleher outlined Intel’s future plans. Initially, Intel is changing the name of its manufacturing node. What used to be known as the 10 nanometres enhanced superfine is now 6.

Outside of those nanometres, Intel is bringing several updates to its products every year. The idea is that the company is going to bring the Alder Lane chip to market. Where there will be a mixture of high and low power cores. Which will be made in the shape of a 4-nanometer lake chip. It will have Intel’s 3D stacked-chip technology favourites.

In addition, Intel has mapped technology for a UV-based 3-nanometer node, which will use high-powered manufacturing processes to integrate chip-making work. Although the time set by Intel for bringing new chips is very fast, Intel does not have a good record of bringing new chips within the stipulated time.

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