How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster – 14 Best Ways

This is a common question for most smartphone users: How to make my phone charge faster? You are no exception. If you agree with me, then this is for you. No matter what type of phone you use, you need to know the right way to charge the phone faster.
How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster - 14 Best Ways

Here are the 14 best ways about how to make your phone charge faster. Various features have already been introduced for the fast charging of mobile phones. Even then, no one seems to have time to charge the phone for three or four hours in a busy life. So this is a whole post about how to make your phone charge faster.

Imagine a scene,

You are getting ready to leave the house. And just then, you realized you forgot to charge your phone! You need to get out in 30 minutes. But the phone is not charged at all. In fact, we all understand how painful that time is.

It is difficult to find someone who does not have a problem with slow charging of mobile phone battery while using mobile. Our days go by as soon as we fully charge the mobile. That’s why mobile companies have developed a “fast charging” technology to quickly charge portable batteries. As a result, the mobile is fully charged within 30 to 45 minutes.

But “first charging” technology is not used in all mobiles. So those who do not have “first charging” technology in their mobile phone can not charge the mobile quickly? The answer is yes. Without the “first charging” technology, we can promptly charge our mobile with practical and proven tricks. So let’s find out, without delay, some important ways how to make your phone charge faster.

Before learning about the main topic, “How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster,” let’s know about the basic principles of charging. This will help you to understand the main point quickly.

Basic Principle of Charging a Phone

According to a third-quarter study by market research firm Worldpanel ComTech, consumers are more concerned with a smartphone’s battery than an excellent camera. In addition to the smartphone’s lifespan how long will the battery last, the buyers are also interested to know.

Basic Principle of Charging a Phone
Basic Principle of Charging a Phone

It will measure the power going to your phone from the charger in terms of watts. Watts is defined as the reciprocal of voltage and amperes. In the event that voltage is utilized as the strain of the waterline and amperes as the water streaming out from the waterline, these three factors control how much power your smartphone will get. You can get the charging force of your phone or charger in a packet or via looking through the web.

The determinant of how quickly a phone or charger charges is the power of the charger or phone. Your computer or laptop needs to draw power at the same pace as your phone and charger to charge faster. If you upgrade your phone to 16 watts and charge it with a 5-watt charger, you will see the phone charging slowly.

However, it’s not worth using a phone with a 16-watt charger unless it can charge at 5V. However, there’s some risk of damaging the device with a 5V charger. Hopefully, the whole thing is now settled in your mind.

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14 Ways: How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster?

We need to keep an eye on some aspects of software and hardware for the fast charging of smartphones. Each topic is discussed step by step for your convenience. So let’s get involved in How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster research.

14 Ways: How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster?
14 Ways: How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster?

Way No 01: Using Airplane Mode

Please set it to airplane mode once your phone connects to your charger to speed up the charging process. Activating it will disable your phone’s cellular, Bluetooth, radio, and Wi-Fi features, even when you’re not using any services.

Regardless of whether you are an Android, iOS, or Windows Phone user, you can choose “Airplane mode” by tapping the Settings application on your home screen. You can then turn on airplane mode by selecting “Airplane mode” on the Settings screen and sliding toggle on. As you can see, this mode is marked by a small airplane icon that appears at the top of your screen.

Switching to Airplane mode will preclude you from using any calls, messages, data, GPS, or Wi-Fi until you exit this mode and return to your app’s default settings. It will prevent your phone from overheating while charging, therefore enabling you to charge it more quickly.

Way No 02: Turn Off and Charge the Phone

One of the best ways to charge your phone is to charge it off. According to all the technicians, the most powerful way to charge mobile quickly is to charge by switching off the phone. When the phone is off, all the work of your phone is stopped, so the charge is much faster. It is more effective than using flight mode.

I use this method for fast charging. However, if you need to make an urgent call or SMS, it is better not to use it.

Way No 03: Don’t Use Any Battery Saver App

Always avoid third-party battery apps. Many people use different apps for fast battery charges. Again, use third-party battery-saving apps to hold the charge for a long time. To quickly charge and retain the battery, you must stop using these apps. These applications run in the background, affecting the battery.

At present, the phone comes with a built-in battery saving facility, so you can keep the phone’s battery saving option on if needed. Leaving the battery-saving option on and charging the phone charges quickly. So you can use this option once.

Way No 04: Turn off unnecessary apps or features

Turn off unnecessary features like Bluetooth, GPS, Wi-Fi, etc., while charging. Many people trust and download various files, do not forget to do this. In addition, the apps in the Play Store are updated from time to time while charging, so turn off auto-update. If an app is running, keep it closed.

Way No 05: Use the Doze Option

If our mobile is Android version 6.0 or above, there is a secret option in the settings called “Doze.” This option will help you to charge your smartphone faster. You go to mobile settings and search by typing “Doze.” Now look at the picture and follow the steps.

Way No 06: Always Use Your Official Charger

Always use the official charger provided with the package at the time of purchase of the phone. If you do not use the original charger, the capacity of the battery to hold the charge gradually decreases. Because the charger that comes with the mobile is made only for that mobile.

As a result, the mobile battery gets as much power as the battery can take. By doing this, just as the mobile will be charged quickly, the battery life of the mobile will also be acceptable.

If you use the mobile while charging the mobile with any other charger, then the mobile does not respond and hangs. But there is no such problem when using the mobile while charging with the mobile’s own charger.

Because no other charger has been made suitable for our mobile. So the battery of the mobile gets more power or less power. As a result, the battery life of the mobile is charged slowly, and the battery life is reduced many times.

Way No 07: Use a Good Quality Charger

Many times our charger gets damaged due to various reasons. Then many of us buy and use low-quality chargers at low prices from the market. Just as these are responsible for slowing down mobile phone batteries, they also help reduce phone battery life.

Do not use chargers bought at low prices in the market. Good chargers are usually smart, so they automatically stop charging when the battery is full. But less expensive chargers do not have all these advantages.

For this reason, if you charge with a cheap charger, the phone will heat up quickly, the battery will swell, and so on. In many cases, problems with the adapter can damage both the phone and the battery. So use a good quality charger for fast charging and safety.

Way No 08: Use Thicker and Shorter USB Cables

The charger and the USB cable attached to the charger are responsible for slow charging. Even if your charger has a proper power supply, the charge will be slower than faster if you use a thin and extended cable. Because the resistance of such cable is high, the mobile battery does not get power properly. So use for thick and short cable chargers.

Way No 09: Do Not Use a Lighting USB Cable

In addition, many of us use cables that provide light of different colours as charger cables. But these further reduce the charger’s output power by using unnecessary energy. So for fast charging, don’t use such cables.

Way No 10: Do Not Use Cover While Charging

Never use the phone cover while charging. If there is a cover on the mobile, the mobile gets very hot while charging. This is very helpful in slowing down the mobile battery charge and reducing the lifespan. Also, when charging the mobile, make sure that the mobile is not inside clothes, books, or anything.

Way No 11: Do Not Use the Phone While Charging

Smartphones typically charge at temperatures ranging from 32 degrees to 113 degrees Fahrenheit. So never use the phone while charging. Using the phone while charging can cause the phone to explode at any time due to the increase in heat as the charge is slow. At present most, phone explosions are due to the use of the phone while charging.

Often we talk on the phone charge. It may explode near your ears, so be careful. Refrain from all kinds of usage, including talking while browsing, browsing the internet, playing games.

Way No 12: Stop Using Laptops or Multiplugs

If you use your laptop to charge your mobile, you do it wrong. Because plugging a phone into a computer is the slowest method to charge, doing so is an extremely low priority for me. Because the speed of charge is measured in watts. There are two components to the watt. The formula is multiplied by the current (amps) voltage (volts).

For instance, the iPhone 6 or 7 have an in-box adapter that delivers one amp and 5 volts. That means the charger is 5 watts. Both phones, however, are capable of fast charging with a 2.4 amp, 5-volt charger. That charger is rated at 12 watts.

However, the USB ports of a laptop must provide a minimum of 0.5 amp. Which amounts to 5 volts will only be 2.5 watts, a fraction of the power. So when you plug your phone into the computer, the phone’s power management system senses the presence of a data terminal. As a result, it takes a long time to charge the mobile. So if you want to charge mobile quickly, stop charging using the laptop.

Also, if you want to charge the battery fast, you must stop using the multiplug for charging. You have to charge from the wall socket all the time. The battery gets a direct power connection and charges quickly.

Way No 13: Use Wall Sockets

For quick charging, you should put the charger on the divider outlet. You will get a great current stream at the divider outlet. You won’t get the most incredible speed for charging from a power bank or PC. These ought to just be utilized in extraordinary cases.

Essentially, you can accuse quicker of a link than a remote charger. However, much fast charging upheld remote chargers have come into the market these days. If you can’t associate straightforwardly with a divider outlet, make sure to utilize a decent quality multiplug. Or then again, it could be the inverse. Or it may be the opposite.

Way No 14: Charging the Phone in a Ventilated Environment

Temperature is very important in technology. No batteries should be allowed to overheat. This does not mean that the mobile should be kept in the fridge while charging! Neither too hot nor too cold is good. So always charge your phone in a cool place.

Do not leave it in direct sunlight or charge a hot car. Never charge a phone using a portable battery charger, do not keep it in your pocket. Because if you charge the mobile, the phone gets hot. If you charge the phone in a hot place, the phone will be hotter. As a result, the charge will be slower.

So, charge mobile by placing it on something so that air can move up and down on the phone. This will keep the battery of the phone from overheating. As a result, the smartphone will charge faster.

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You know the details about “How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster” above. So here is some crucial information about the Phone Charge Faster. These will help keep your smartphone battery working for a long time.

Some Important Q&A Related to How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster
Some Important Q&A Related to How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster
What is the percentage of the charge again?

If your smartphone drops below 50 percent of the charge, you will have to recharge.

What is the best charge on the phone?

The smartphone should always have a 50-90 percent charge.

What is the percentage of charge to open the charger?

Mobile cannot be charged more than 90-95 percent. Once the battery is 90 percent charged, the charger must be removed.

Can I use the phone under a 20% charger?

No. The amount of charge cannot be reduced from 20 percent. If it is less than 20 percent, you should refrain from using the phone without an urgent reason.

Should a power bank be used to charge the phone?

No. This will reduce the battery life of your phone. This will reduce the charge capacity of your phone battery day by day.

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Last Words

The battery is an essential part of a smartphone. Depending on the battery, a smartphone stays active. So each of us should focus on the battery. By adopting all the methods mentioned above, your smartphone will not be damaged, but the battery life will be increased.

All in all, I have tried to give all the details about How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster. Of course you know a lot about that. So now is the time to use the phone by following the 14 effective rules of How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster mentioned above.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Let me know. I will try to answer your question. Please share it now if you like my article on How to Make Your Phone Charge Faster. By doing this, those who understand this problem will solve it very quickly.

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