Computers and Phones Prices will be Reduced

Phones with OLED displays and computers can be cheaper if you use graphene, says new research.
Computers and Phones Prices will be Reduced

Computers and Phones Prices will be Reduced. Most of today’s smartphone makers have OLED screens in their premium phones, which is one of the main reasons for the rising price of the device. This same screen is also used in famous brand computers. But a recent study has found that scientists have discovered a stunning material, graphene.

Which could be used as a replacement for OLEDs, making smartphones and computers somewhat cheaper for consumers. A new study by researchers at Paragraf and Queen Mary University in London recently revealed this startling information. During the research, scientists could replace Indium, one of the rare metals used to make OLED panels.

The new research is published in the journal Advanced Optical Materials. It explains in detail the effective way to replace Indium from OLED. Indium is one of the nine rarest elements in the earth’s crust. The material plays a vital role in producing LED touch screens and other panels. Also, It is mainly used in the form of indium tin oxide or ITO. In addition to mobile and computer, touch panels can be used on indium TVs, solar panels, and even LED lights.

OLED panels
OLED Panels

Due to limited availability, many attempts have been made to replace Indium with LEDs. However, the same output can be obtained using any material other than Indium. No such thing has been found so far. But now Colin Humphreys, a professor at Paragraf and Queen Mary, says the new research paper is “the first in the world” to recognize graphene as an adequate replacement for ITO. He and his team have shown that graphene-based OLEDs can perform similarly to an ITO-OLED.

Since this discovery, many have identified graphene as a beautiful ingredient. It consists of a single layer of carbon atoms. It is currently one of the most robust materials due to its honeycomb structure. It is entirely flexible, so it can be used in any shape as needed, and it is more conductive than copper.

So far, no way has been found to use graphene to prepare mainstream electronics. However, suppose this new research proves to be justified and reasonable by the tech majors. In that case, the recent study could be a turning point in constructing genuinely sophisticated and inexpensive electronic gadgets. Although it still takes some time to implement standard equipment. It is safe to say that consumers will get cheaper smartphones and computers with OLED panels by using them.

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