The iPhone 13 is getting a Big Camera Upgrade

The iPhone 13 is getting a Big Camera Upgrade

The iPhone 13 is getting a Big Camera Upgrade. Apple’s new iPhone lineup will feature at least three large cameras and video recording features. Not only that, there will be 15 high-speed chips, and more small notches will be seen.

iPhone 13 is getting a Big Camera Upgrade

According to Bloomberg, Mark Gurman quoted a source as saying that the video version of the phone’s portrait mode feature will be seen in the new handset. This allows users to record videos in a high-quality format called ‘ProRes.’ Camera feature is essential in iPhone 13.

In addition to the camera, the new iPhone will have some more upgrades, Mark Gurman said. One such upgrade is the fast new A15 chip. In addition, users will notice a smaller size than before.

Apple usually comes up with their new iPhone in September. But in the face of the epidemic last year, the iPhone release ceremony was postponed until October. At that time, the company was facing production complications due to Covid-19. It is expected that Apple will show the new iPhone through a virtual event like last time.

iPhone 13 is getting a Big Camera Upgrade
iPhone 13 is getting a Big Camera Upgrade

An Apple spokesman declined to comment.

Portrait mode was first seen on the iPhone in 2016. Apple introduced iPhone lovers with the feature through iPhone 8 Plus. The part quickly became popular. This capture of images with a significant aperture effect or a blurred front-to-back focus is also known as the ‘bokeh effect.’

Apple hopes to replicate the process with the new iPhone in the video. Garmin noted that the video version feature is internally called ‘cinematic video.’Like the still image, the iPhone’s depth sensors will amplify the effect and allow users to adjust the ambient level following recording.

iPhone users will be able to record clips in high-quality formats using the new ProRes video recording feature. This feature will allow the video editor to have more control over editing.

Professional video editors working in the film industry use this format. It is large enough. Due to this, the design has remained out of the reach of the general public. Garmin stated that the ProRes feature of the next iPhone will allow for video in HD and 4K resolution.

iPhone 13 Features
iPhone 13 Features

Last year, Apple introduced a new feature in the iPhone called ‘ProRaw.’ The part gives editors more control over still images. The new ProRes will follow the previous quality, Garman said. The idea is that, like the Pro, the ProRes video recording will only come for expensive Pro models.

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