Elon Musk Rocket Could Hit the Moon in March

Elon Musk Rocket Could Hit the Moon in March

Elon Musk Rocket Could Hit the Moon in March. Elon Musk’s SpaceX is about to hit the moon after losing control for seven years. It would have taken another month to get closer to the moon. But the rocket is about to crash on the moon due to an accident.

Experts say an exploding and abandoned part of SpaceX will hit the moon. NASA has asked the rocket company of Musk to provide a spaceship to take astronauts to the surface of the moon. But the spacecraft could not return to its goal successfully.

Based on recent observations and calculations, astronomers claim that Elon Musk’s rocket will land on the moon on March 4 this year.

The rocket was launched in 2015 to put the NASA satellite, the Deep Space Climate Observatory, into orbit. Astronomer Bill Gray told AFP that the rocket’s second stage, or booster, was mathematically floating in a chaotic orbit. From his mathematical analysis this rocket, which will turn into a space junk after the explosion, is known for the day of its destruction.

Rocket Could Hit the Moon in March
Rocket Could Hit the Moon in March

He added that the booster came very close to the moon in January. After that, the position changes orbit.

Space observers claim that in a few weeks, about four metric tons of “space debris” or space junk will collide with the moon at a speed of about 2.56 km / h. Bill Gray calculates that the upper layer of the Falcon 9 is about to hit far away from the moon near the equator on March 4.

In another blog post, data analyst Dr. Mail writes that on January 5, the rocket formed a lunar orbit and on March 4, it is going to have a big impact.

Bill Gray does mathematical analysis to track objects near the Earth, asteroids, comets. NASA’s Space Observation and Pluto project. There the asteroids and other objects in space are calculated with the help of mathematical software.

SpaceX will hit the moon
SpaceX will hit the moon

He added that the rocket would hit the dark side of the moon at a speed of 5,500 miles per hour or about 9,000 kilometers.

Gray worked with a few amateur astronomers to observe the second phase of the rocket or booster. According to him, due to the ambiguity in measuring the pushing and rotation time of sunlight on the rocket, the exact position of the impact of the rocket is not clear, which may change the orbit even after this. Although the effect will be nothing but very small. However, it will be March 4. Most of the moon is on its way and even though it is close, the effect occurs two days after the new moon.

Jonathan McDowell, an astronomer at Harvard University, wrote that SpaceX could have a big impact on March 4, but not so much. However, space observers believe the effects could provide valuable data.

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