Biden wants to improve cyber security; Guidelines are coming!

Biden wants to improve cyber security
Biden wants to improve cyber security

Biden wants to improve cyber security; guidelines are coming. The US government will create new guidelines aimed at improving the security of technology supply chains. For this, they will work with the concerned industry.

US President Joe Biden and members of his cabinet recently met with heads of technology companies at the White House. That’s where the issue came up.

At the meeting, Biden called on technology chiefs to “raise standards on cyber security.” “The federal government cannot tackle this challenge alone,” he said. I believe you have the strength, the ability, and the responsibility to improve the quality of cyber security.”

At the meeting, heads of major technology companies, financial industries, and infrastructure organizations pledged to take further action against cyber-attacks that threaten the US economy.

At the end of the meeting, the White House said the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) would work with industry. Other partners on new guidelines to build secure technologies, including open-source software, and assess technology security.

Microsoft, Google, Travelers, Cyber ​​Insurance Corporation Coalition, and others have pledged to participate in the NIST-led initiative.

There have been several large-scale cyberattacks in the United States in recent times. The list of victims includes network management company Solarwinds Corporation, oil refinery Colonial Pipeline, meat processing company JBS, and software company Cassia.

The affected organizations and the United States itself were affected by the impact on oil and food supplies. Soon after, cyber security came to the forefront of the Biden administration’s agenda.

“We have a lot of work to do,” Biden said, referring to the need to put pressure on Russian President Vladimir Putin. To stop the Russia-based group responsible for the ransomware attack. To create about 500,000 government and privately owned cyber security posts.

The White House meeting was attended by heads of various top technology companies, including Amazon chief Andy Jesse, Apple chief Tim Cook, Microsoft chief Satya Nadella, Alphabet chief Sundar Pichai and IBM chief Arvind Krishna.

At the end of the meeting, Amazon said it would bring its own cyber security training. To people for free and hand over multi-factor authentication devices to some cloud computing customers. The organization has mentioned that this activity will start in October.

On the other hand, Microsoft has said that it will invest 2 trillion over the next five years to speed up its cyber security activities. The company’s investment in this sector is increasing four times compared to the current rate.

The software giant has also announced 150 million in federal, state, and local government support for technical services and to keep security systems up-to-date.

IBM says it will train more than 1.5 million people in cyber security skills over the next three years. Besides, they will form alliances with historically black colleges and universities to build a more diverse cyber manpower.

Meanwhile, Google will spend 1 trillion on cyber security over the next five years. However, the company did not immediately apparent whether any money would be spent on the new sector. In addition, Google will help one million Americans obtain industry-recognized digital certificates. Using that certificate, they will be able to do high-paying jobs.

Vishal Hariprasad, chief executive of Resilience Cyber ​​Insurance Solutions, said they would work with the government to establish clear standards for cyber security. And insurers must adhere to those standards.

“If an organization adheres to the minimum standards, they will get insurance, otherwise they will not get it. They will have to fill that gap so that they can stay at the border.” – Said Hariprasad.

“It’s not just about making our organizations safer, it’s also about ensuring that we do what we can to curb rogues.” – He added.

According to a Reuters report, Congress is enacting legislation to regulate data intrusion and the cyber security insurance industry.

The White House meeting was attended by executives from Southern Company and JPMorgan Chess & Company. Top cyber security officials from the Biden administration also participated. Chris Inglis, director of National Cyber ​​Security, and Alejandro Mayorkas, head of Homeland Security.

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