Audio Technica New Headphones at an Affordable Price

Audio Technica New Headphones at an Affordable Price
Audio Technica New Headphones at an Affordable Price

Audio Technica New Headphones at an Affordable Price. Audio Technica, a Japanese technology company, has introduced new headphones in the market at affordable prices. The company has unveiled the ATH-S220BT headphones at an affordable price. The headphone battery can provide backup for up to 60 hours on a single charge, and it will give an excellent wireless connection at low latency.

Audio Technica The ATH-S220BT headphones have a 40mm closed-back dynamic driver, capable of producing sound waves from 5 to 32,000 Hz. Cushions and earpads have been used in the headphones for comfortable use.

It uses Bluetooth version 5 for a wireless music playback experience. However, the 1.2-meter cable and built-in 3.5-inch connector used with the ATH-S220BT headphones can also be used as wired headphones.

Users can pair the ATH-S220BT headphones with two Bluetooth devices and change the device as needed for various tasks. It also has Google’s Fast Pair feature, using one-tap pairing with compatible Android devices.

The headphones have ear cup control features. This allows users to turn off, change and receive phone calls quickly. In this case, there will be no need to take out a smartphone. Users will also be able to control messages, map navigation, and other features using Google Assistant and Siri Voice.

Audio Technica has added an inbuilt microphone to these headphones. This microphone is capable of generating frequencies from 50 to 4 thousand Hz for hands-free calling. However, these headphones do not have any active noise cancellation facility.

The ATH-S220BT headphones are powered by a 3.7-volt lithium polymer battery, capable of providing up to 60 hours of continuous music playback on a single charge. The company claims to use the headphones for 3 and a half hours on a 10-minute rapid charge with a USB Type-C connection. The headphones weigh 160 grams. The headphones will be available in black, navy blue, and white. Its market value can be 59$.

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