5 Easy Ways: How to view locked Facebook profiles?

How to view locked Facebook profiles
How to view locked Facebook profiles

Want to see someone’s locked Facebook profile? Want to know what he does, where he lives, what kind of status updates? Or want to see his uploaded pictures? But you don’t know how to view locked Facebook profiles. No problem, I’m here.

You are Reading a friend status update. While reading, he went to the comments section and saw that someone had made a great comment. You Liked the comment so much that you got curious about the guy. So, to know more about him, click on his name and go to his profile. But unfortunately, this profile is Locked.

If a girl likes using Facebook, then there is a way to attract her. You can quickly try that by using only 5 simple formulas. Similarly, if you like a guy on Facebook, there are ways to seduce him. But if his profile is locked and you can’t access his profile, how do you get in touch with him?

Many people nowadays lock their Facebook profiles to maintain extra security or to protect their privacy. And girls do it more. Because girls usually don’t want to share their privacy with someone they don’t want. So you will see most of the girls’ profiles locked.

However, there is 5 ways How to view locked Facebook profiles? I will discuss that today.

5 Easy Ways: How to view locked Facebook profiles?

There are many ways to view any locked profile, and some ways are effortless. Some ways are a bit complicated. In most cases, third-party apps or software are used.

However, many do not want to use any apps or software. It gave some simple methods for them at the beginning. And for those who have no problem using the apps, some methods are also given.

Use the method that seems easy to you, and you feel comfortable.

Way No 01: How to view locked Facebook profiles by Changing the Facebook URL

Suppose the person whose profile you want to view is named Amelia. When you go to Anika Akhtar’s profile, you can see This Profile is Locked, so you can’t see her picture, about, or anything else. Now, to get into Anika’s profile, to see everything in her profile, all you have to do is-

  • First, type the URL of Facebook in your browser – http://facebook.com
  • Then give a slash (/).
  • Then write Amelia. Then the whole URL will look like this – http://facebook.com/amelia.
  • Now press Enter and enjoy Anika’s profile.

This method is the easiest, but it may not work perfectly for some profiles. If not, go for the following method.

Way No 02: How to view locked Facebook profiles by sending a message to the inbox

Send a message to the boy or girl whose profile you want to view. You can write whatever you want. However, write something that he is forced to reply to. I mean, write something interesting so that he can be fascinated. 

Or ask a question that he doesn’t mind answering. If he replies to your message, you can easily access his profile and enjoy the fun of opening a locked Facebook profile.

Way No 03: How to view locked Facebook profiles by becoming a friend

When you become someone’s friend, their profile will automatically open because profiles are locked for those who are not friends. That is, no one can view the locked profile without being friends. So, the easiest way to view it is to become his friend. But if you don’t know her, she may not accept your friend request.

All you can do is send a request to some of his acquaintances first. When a few people from his circle become your friends, and when you send him a request, even if he doesn’t know you, he will think that you are one of his circle of friends. So, he will accept the request.

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Way No 04: How to view locked Facebook profiles by Use PictureMate 

How to view locked Facebook profiles by Use PictureMate 
How to view locked Facebook profiles by Use PictureMate 

Picturemate is a pre-extension of Google Chrome. Using it, you can open any locked Facebook profile without being a friend. If you want to check someone’s Facebook ID secretly, PictureMate is an excellent tool for this. To view someone’s private profile, follow the steps below to use PictureMate.

  • Visit PictureMate’s official website. Install the Google Chrome extension from there.
  • Restart the browser, close it and open it again.
  • Now go to Facebook.
  • Now search by typing the person’s name whose profile you want to see, it will open.

Way No 05: How to view locked Facebook profiles by Use Private Profile Viewer

If you want to access someone’s private profile, you can use another method known as Private Profile Viewer. You don’t have to sign up to use it, which means you don’t have to open an account here. You do not even have to download any tools or software. It is a free tool that you can use online. How to use Private Profile Viewer-

  • Visit the official website of Private Profile Viewer.
  • Click Start Now on the home page or click Tools in the menu bar. It will take you down to the scroll, where you will see a cell-like picture below.
  • Click the Submit form button below with the ID link of the person whose profile you want to see in the cell-like the picture above. The tool will take you to the Facebook ID of the desired person.

Here are 5 ways How to view locked Facebook profiles. Hopefully, you’ve already logged in to your desired profile, taken a look at everything in his profile. Let us know your experience by commenting, write about how it feels to access someone’s profile for our readers.

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