7 Checklists for Buying a New Printer | Printer Buying Guide

7 Checklists for Buying a New Printer & Printer Buying Guide

Today’s article will discuss 7 Checklists for Buying a New Printer and Printer Buying Guide in detail. So if you want to get all this information about the printer, read the full article.

Almost everyone has heard the name of the printer. Which illuminates the various outputs of the computer through paper. The printer is a critical output device of the computer, from ordinary computer users to large organizations, which are used to print out.

A printer is required for printing. In the past, printers may have been used for business or office purposes. But at present, the home needs a printer to meet its daily needs. As a result, many types of printers are now available in the market. However, there are some things to keep in mind before buying a printer.

There are some things to consider before buying a printer due to the variety of printers. Many people worry about what kind of printer to buy or keep in mind. To reduce their anxiety a bit, read our article today, and you will get an accurate guideline for choosing a printer.

What is a Printer?

If the printer is an electronic device. With the help of which any computer documents are printed out from soft copy to hard copy or paper. This is an output device of the computer.

The computer stores various things and documents. Which are sometimes printed on white paper, making the size smaller or larger through printouts. And the printer does this printing thing.

Usually, a printer has a cable inserted into the waist to make a connection to the computer. And then certain documents are printed out. But in the present era, wireless printers are also used due to the latest technology. Which is very far from the computer, the printer can be removed and printed very quickly.

Short History of Printers

After making the computer, Charles Babbage, the father of the computer, designed the printer to take out anything from the computer on paper.

Later in 1986, a Japanese company called EPSON developed the first printout machine based on that design. And this printer is named EP-101.

And later, to increase the printer’s speed, in 1974, the HP company made a printer called HP LaserJet. And as the number of computer users has increased since 2000, big hardware companies have begun making printers.

Types of Printers

Printers are divided into many parts based on the use and technology of the printer. But there are two main parts to a printer.

  1. Impact Printers
  2. Non-Impact Printers

Impact Printers

Impact Printers
Impact Printers

This is a printer made with old technology. It goes without saying that it is not used today. This type of printer takes more time to print the letters one by one.

Just as typewriters used to type and print letters one by one in the past, this type of printer prints one letter at a time. And because the letters are printed one by one, a considerable noise is generated when they are published.

This type of printer can be further divided into two parts. One is a line printer, and the other is a character printer.

Line printers can print one line at a time, and a character printer can print one character at a time.

Non-Impact Printers

Non-Impact Printers
Non-Impact Printers

It is a type of printer made with modern technology. Most of the printers used today belong to Non-Impact Printers.

This type of printer can print an entire page at once. And this type of printer prints according to the page. This does not work with any characters or lines one by one.

With this type of printer, color images and pictures are printed with the help of this printer due to the clear printout. This printer can be further divided into two parts, namely laser printer and inkjet printer.

Printers that are printed with powder without ink are called laser printers. And all the printers that use ink are called Inkjet Printers.

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Determining the Field of Work Before Buying a Printer

Determining the Field of Work Before Buying a Printer
Determining the Field of Work Before Buying a Printer

Before buying a printer, you must first see what you are going to buy the printer for. Because if you buy a big-budget printer for small jobs, it will be a waste of money. So, first of all, decide what you will use the printer for. Printers are usually used in 3 types depending on the need.

For Domestic Work

Domestic work usually refers to the printing of small beds for any work. Domestic work is usually personal work. Important personal work includes printing paper, reading, writing homework, printing notes, sheets or assignments. So in these cases, printing speed, multi-functional or high configuration printer is not required. And printers are usually available for domestic work within a relatively cheap budget.

For Official or Business Work

When choosing a printer for an office, court, educational institution, or business, there are many things to keep in mind. The first step is to keep the printer running for a long time and print more. Many times photocopying or scanning is also required. Since multifaceted work is needed. So when it comes to buying a printer, you have to think twice.

For Professional Work

Professionals are people who work mainly in printing, graphics, photography related or high-resolution designs. In these cases, it is essential to increase the budget for the purchase of printers.

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7 Checklists for Buying a New Printer – Printer Buying Guide

Just as you should know some things before buying a mobile phone, there are some things to keep in mind when purchasing a printer. The printer is a necessary computer peripheral. Before buying a printer, you should know 7 Checklists for Buying a New Printer – Printer Buying Guide.

7 Checklists for Buying a New Printer - Printer Buying Guide
7 Checklists for Buying a New Printer – Printer Buying Guide

Printer Buying Guide No 01: Budget

There are already 3 areas to buy a printer. So if you want to use a printer for housework, its budget will be less. On the other hand, if you’re going to use a printer for official or professional work, it will be a high budget.

So, first, you have to keep in mind what work you will use the printer for. However, no matter what you buy for the job, there are always some suitable quality printers available in the market at low prices that you can choose from.

But the cost does not end after the printer is purchased. Instead, there is a cost to operating the printer after purchase. After buying a printer, you have to spend money on cartridges, ink, etc. So it is essential to keep these things in mind before purchasing a printer.

Printer Buying Guide No 02: Image Quality

The price of the printer varies depending on the price and model. Here are some things to keep in mind when it comes to image quality:


At least 1200 dpi (dot per inch) is required for photography or perfect print. Almost all printers have different resolutions. The higher the DPI, the more perfect the print. So if you want to get good image quality, you have to have a higher resolution.

Ink Droplet Size

Printers on the market are usually 4 – 12pl. The lower the droplet, the sharper the print.

Ink Configuration

Printers are usually available in 4, 6, 8, and 12 colors. So you need to look at the color configuration to get better image quality.

Printer Buying Guide No 03: Size and Speed

Printers range in size from small, medium to large. You can buy a small or medium-sized printer if you want to print small sizes, i.e., A4, letter, legal-size pages. And if you’re going to print large-sized pages, you need to buy a large-sized printer.

Speed ​​is not too crucial for domestic work. But speed is essential for official or business work. If you don’t have to have high printer speed to print many pages at once, you will see that both your life and work have become a tortoise. Printer speed is determined by PPM. PPM means page per minute. That is how many pages can be printed per minute. Printers up to 5-25PPM are usually available in the market.

Printer Buying Guide No 04: Ease of Paper Handling and Use

Paper handling of a printer so how many pages can a printer hold together. The printer’s tray is usually 100, suitable for household chores. However, for large-scale work, it is essential to purchasing a printer that can hold more pages.

Ease of use is basically how easy you can use the printer. Just a few questions about how easy it is to operate a printer can be understood by:

  • How easy it is to load or unload media on a printer.
  • How easy is the control panel.
  • How easy it is to set up a driver.
  • How many custom settings can be changed.

Printer Buying Guide No 05: After-Sales Service

After-sales service is quite essential. It is necessary to check how many days of warranty you are getting in case the electronics equipment can be damaged at any time. Also, how many days they repair the printer after it breaks down, how fast they service if there is a problem, etc.

Printer Buying Guide No 06: The Connective

Nowadays, printer connectivity is critical. Wireless, Ethernet, or USB different types of printers are available. It is essential to have a WiFi connection between the printer through mobile or for official work.

Printer Buying Guide No 07: Inkjet or Laser

Which is better, inkjet or laser printer? Such a question must be eating in your head!


Inkjet printers cost more. Inkjet printers are capable of delivering good-quality images. Usually, this printer is not suitable for domestic work.


Able to print very fast and very low cost. This printer is suitable for domestic work.

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Last Word

Hopefully, from the above information,

  1. What is a Printer?
  2. Short History of Printer
  3. Types of Printers
  4. Determining the Field of Work
  5. 7 Checklist for Buying a New Printer

Learn more about. You can buy a perfect quality printer if you keep in mind the 7 Checklists for Buying a New Printer – Printer Buying Guide mentioned above. If you still want to know more about the printer, you can let us know by commenting.

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