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How to Increase Typing Speed

Many people want to know how to increase typing speed. Increasing the typing speed is not a difficult task. It is possible to increase typing speed by practicing regularly. It is essential to adopt some strategies in practice. You can increase your typing speed quickly by typing with the proper technique.

In this age of technology, almost everyone, big or small, is busy with laptops/computers. Everyone has to work on a computer or laptop. At present, virtually all office work has to be done online and through the computer. In this case, if the typing speed in your computer is not good, then you may not get an excellent job. Then you can understand the importance of fast typing speed.

So the faster you can type, the less time it will take to get any job related to ordering quickly.

Currently, about 80% of people cannot type correctly on a computer. As a result, your fingers do not work correctly on the keyboard, which reduces the ability to organize quickly. The power of ordinary people to type on a computer is only 20/30 words per minute.

So, today in this article, I will discuss how to increase typing speed on the computer. Through which you can type very fast in 1 month. Let me tell you more. Today I will present some techniques that allow you to type up to 100 words per minute.

10 Tips: How to Increase Typing Speed?

If you have good computer knowledge and fast typing skills, then this skill will come in handy in your life and career step by step. Job etc.) will be one step ahead of others.

Before you look for a job, learn the correct rules of keyboard typing and how to type fast. So today, I will discuss some strategies to speed up typing speed. These are –

  1. Fix the typing location
  2. Sitting in the correct position for typing
  3. Memorize keyboard layout
  4. Put your finger in the correct position
  5. Using shortcuts
  6. Using software to speed up typing
  7. Typing by looking at the screen
  8. Using the right keyboard
  9. Practice regularly
  10. Take care of yourself

So don’t be late, don’t know about these techniques/tips or techniques. Using which we can Improve Typing Speed.

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How to Increase Typing Speed on the Computer?

How to Increase Typing Speed on the Computer
How to Increase Typing Speed on the Computer

Tip No 01: Fix the Typing Location

Many people have the misconception that typing fast requires a lot of good ideas on the keyboard. But the idea is not entirely correct. Along with your skills on the keyboard, it is also important where you sit and type. Table chairs should use for good typing. You can never expect efficient typing with a laptop on your lap.

Tip No 02: Sitting in the Correct Position for Typing

Sitting in the Correct Position for Typing
Sitting in the Correct Position for Typing

Many people think that it is possible to type fast only if they are proficient in using the keyboard. If you have such an idea, avoid it today. Proper positioning and environment are the first requirements for fast typing. If you do not sit in the correct position, there will be wrist pain and back pain.

Also, if you do not sit in the correct position, the keyboard will not come under your control. Many are typing while lying in bed. Typing in this way will not increase the typing speed very much.

However, you can master the keyboard. But remember, it is harmful to your body. You have to sit on the chair and table and type. Keep your seating environment calm and open. Your brain and hands will be able to function correctly in a quiet environment.

There are also some sitting postures for proper typing. Which helps to speed up typing speed. These are –

  • Sit up straight and make sure your back is always straight.
  • Bend your elbow at right angles.
  • Tilt your head slightly forward and face the screen.
  • Keep a distance of at least 45 – 70 cm between your eyes and the screen.
  • Reveal the shoulder, arm, and wrist muscles in the least possible strain. The wrist can touch the tabletop in front of the keyboard. Never transfer your body weight from the wrist to the rest.

Tips No 03: Memorize Keyboard Layout

All keyboards have a “QWERTY” layout. Memorize the A – Z of any letter in this layout so that you do not have to look at the keyboard while typing.

In the case of Bangla typing, memorize the layout of Avro / Vijay / Nikash with which you would like to write. You don’t have to remember the format separately while typing in Avro, but you have to memorize the different layout to type in Vijay.

Tips No 04: Put your Finger in the Correct Position

To speed up typing: your first task is to type using the correct rules. You have to learn which finger to place your Start Position or Home Position.

Put your Finger in the Correct Position
Put your Finger in the Correct Position

The old finger has to type in two space bars, and the other four fingers of the left hand from the last finger of the hand, respectively “A, S, D, F,” and the first four fingers of the right hand have to be typed from the beginning of the hand with the “J, K, L,;” button.

How to Increase Typing Speed on the Com
How to Increase Typing Speed on the Com

A quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This sentence has 26 English letters. Try typing it because it will organize all the letters on the keyboard if you can order it.

Using this technique, you will find the buttons easily, and the typing speed will increase.

Tips No 05: Using Keybord Shortcuts

Not surprisingly, Windows and Mac OS have many keyboard shortcuts. Since both of your hands are already on the keyboard, why spend time using the mouse to navigate? Moreover, the keyboard shortcut code is known. It will help you a lot when creating or writing any presentation.

The following common shortcuts are used in most word processing programs:

Ctrl + CUsed to copy
Ctrl + XTo Cut
Ctrl + VTo Paste
Ctrl + ZTo Undo
Ctrl + SUsed to Save
Ctrl + FUsed to Search for Words
Ctrl + AHighlight Everything
Shift + Left Arrow or Right ArrowUsed to Highlight the Next Letter
Ctrl + Shift + Left Arrow or Right ArrowUsed to Highlight the Next Word
Ctrl + Left Arrow or Right ArrowNavigate Text Cursor to Next Word Without Highlight
HomeTo Go First in Line
EndUsed to Go to the End of the Line
Page UpTo go to the top of the page
Page DownTo Go Down the Page
Keyboard Shortcuts

You can also use the shortcut keys while browsing the web. Web browsers have some shortcuts that you can use to navigate. These are –

Ctrl + TabTo Switch to the Next Tab
Ctrl + Shift +Switch to the Previous Tab
Ctrl + TTo Open a New Tab
Ctrl + WTo Close the Current Tab
Ctrl + Shift + TTo Open the Previous Close Tab
Ctrl + RTo Refresh the Current Webpage
Ctrl + NTo Open a New Web Browser Window
BackspaceGo back One Page
Shift + BackspaceGo forward one page
Keyboard Shortcuts for Browsing the Web

There are also some common keyboard shortcuts for more familiar (Windows) navigation. These are-

Shortcuts Descriptions
Alt + TabSwitch to Next Opened Window
Alt + Shift + TabSwitch to Previous Opened Window
Alt + F4Close Current Window
Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows Navigation

You will need a lot of little fingers to use these shortcut keys. It is because many variable keys like Ctrl, Alt, and Shift are near your little finger.

Tips No 06: Using Software to Speed Up Typing

There are much free software and online tools available online to speed up typing speed. Using these, you can quickly improve your typing speed.

These software or online tools will give you different types of typing work, tests. Moreover, you will provide a specific time to understand how fast you can finish the job.

If you practice these Typing Work and Tests regularly, your typing ability will increase.

Speedtypingonline.com is one of the best online typing practice tools or websites. Using this tool, you can easily practice using the correct rules of keyboard typing. In a word, if you use these online tools, you will get all the options to speed up typing speed.

English and Bengali online typing websites are different. The English online typing websites are –

The English online typing websites are-

Tips No 07: Typing by Looking at the Screen

Practice typing by looking at the monitor screen for faster typing. There will be many mistakes in the first case, but it will not go away.

In this way, if you can get into the habit of typing by looking at the monitor’s screen, your typing speed must be faster.

Tips No 08: Using the Right Keyboard

Thousands of keyboards of different bands are available in the market. If your purpose is to increase typing speed, you need to use a good-quality keyboard.

When typing on the keyboard, always keep your eyes on the computer or laptop screen, not the keyboard. It will increase the typing speed.

Tips No 09: Practice Regularly

Nothing can achieve without regular practice. So if you want to speed up your typing speed, then practice by typing big words and sentences regularly because you can’t be successful without following the world’s tips without practice.

By typing significant words and sentences, you will become familiar with where a letter is on the keyboard, and you will find it easier when you order. And the faster you find the notes, the higher the typing speed. So practice as much as possible.

Tips No 10: Take care of Yourself

If you think you are easily confused and making a lot of mistakes, then stop typing. If you feel refreshed later, try to come back again.

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Hope you enjoy the full post about ” How to Increase Typing Speed on the Computer“. These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use. I hope I have been able to give some idea about typing speed. So do not be discouraged if you follow the above methods. However, within 1 month, your typing speed will be fast.

You can quickly increase your typing speed by following each of the methods mentioned above. Remember that nothing can be achieved overnight. The key to success is patience and perseverance. If you like this post, please share it with your friends.

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