Lok Tai

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Lok Tai is a professional Machine Learning Engineer & Ph.D. in Computer Science expert. She works as a co-author and post editor at Techno hungry. She is filling in as a machine learning engineer in the Temar Auto group that plans and carries out an assortment of instruments and framework that fortifies our machine learning work process. A portion of the undertakings she has chipped away at incorporate 3D naming programming, model assessment programming, and dynamic learning-based name boosting programming. Before joining TM, he acquired a degree in Computer Science (Machine Learning Specialist) from Georgia Tech. My exploration advantages center around making man-made reasoning more precise and a superior comprehension of human thought processes, patterns, and settings. she was a beneficiary of the Snap Research Scholarship and spent her mid-year in 2012 as an understudy at Snap Research. She drove and kept up with Ivala which is an open-source stage for scale assessment and examination of Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) calculations.