Ruth J. Ferguson

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Ruth J. Ferguson is a professional technology leader and computer science, instructor. Ruth J. Ferguson works as a co-author and post editor at Techno Hungry. She has over 4 years of involvement in creating web and independent applications. She has driven drive-based groups to give dynamic programming arrangements and test-driven client encounters inside a cutting-edge SDLC. She is likewise liable for building stages in Java and JavaScript and has prepared customers utilizing current technology. Criticism, node.js, typescript, next. JS, NPM, Web Component, API Gateway, Lambda, S3, Cloud Development Kit (CDK), Cloudfront, VPC, DynamDB, Java 11, Play (W/Scala) Mao, Junit, JSP, Python, Psych-Learn, Pond Flask, scale chem, Jenkins, GitHub action word, html5, css3, yarn workspace, square, react.js.